North Augusta, SC (WJBF)- North Augusta is holding its primary election for mayor and city council on Tuesday.

Some things that new City Council members will have to tackle are what to do with the Meriwether monument, revitalizing the downtown area and expanding the Greeneway. Some want to see the beautiful trail brought into downtown North Augusta.

“And I would like to see expansion of the Greeneway into the downtown area. I think the Greeneway is the heart of North Augusta and so continuing the connection throughout the city. I think it would increase foot traffic and as a small business owner I think it would create a more business friendly environment,” said Jenafer McCauley, candidate for North Augusta City Council.

McCauley is one of seven Republicans facing off during Tuesday’s Republican Primary for one of three open North Augusta City Council seats. She said that she sees big things for North Augusta.

“I think our downtown is improving currently really well. If you compare from ten years ago to now, it is in improvement mode and I know that we want to continue to improve it.,” said McCauley. “I see things like using the main street plan that has been in place to add lighting downtown, to possibly add more crosswalks for walkability. And mostly just coming up with a good solution plan to make sure that those businesses downtown can thrive.”

Trina Mackie is the lone democrat running for City Council. While she isn’t involved in the coming primary election, she said that she wants to see more representation and diversity on the City Council.

“There is, unfortunately, a population of citizens who feel as though their voices are not considered, are not heard and they do not have a voice as to what goes on in the North Augusta City Government. That needs to change,” said Mackie firmly.

Mackie was part of the Calhoun Park Committee, who made a recommendation over the summer to the Mayor and City Council about what should be done about the Meriwether Monument.

“And it seems as though most of us do want that removed or at the very least, the wording on that monument either covered up or replaced. But I do believe that the way that we deal with that, first and foremost, is to be honest about what happened,” she said.

McCauley said she needs more information before she can say what she thinks should be done.

“I think with the Meriwether Monument, I just mostly I believe that North Augusta is a welcoming town and that is what we’re known for and that is what we need to continue to strive for. If I become an elected official I would just want to reach out to hear from the historical society in our area and the citizens, and just hear their input on this topic.”

The primary election is on February 9th. The winners of that will go on to face Trina Mackie in the race for City Council and Richard Adams in the race for Mayor on April 27th.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to Ronnie Delaughter, but have not heard back at this time.

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