AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) Kevin De L’Aigle has lived on Greene Street for years, advocating for many issues to be fixed in the area. One of them is the streetlights along Greene Street.

“The lights on Greene Street have been out since July, they’ve been out altering Halloween, people were out there trick or treating with flashlights with their kids,” said De L’Aigle.

The lights were cut off due to electrical issues, with reports of streetlamps shocking people and even their pets.

“The system has become so old and degraded and repairs have not been done for so long there’s been deferred maintenance for so long by the city that the system is just not safe,” said De L’Aigle.

District 1 commissioner Jordan Johnson says for months they have been working to fix the issue.

“The work has been assessed and it is continuing to be assessed, so we can know for sure that when these lights are installed that we won’t have to come back again. The issue that we have in this area is that the infrastructure is just ancient,” said Johnson.

De L’Aigle says he feels it shouldn’t take this long to solve the problem with the lights. He has started a petition to get city officials’ attention.

“When there are emergencies and also when we have events in town like the Iron Man and when we have concerts, they can put temporary lighting solutions with generators with solar power pop in some emergency lights you can have those rented and out there overnight, “said De L’Aigle.

“The city of Augusta is moving as quickly as possible to solve these ancient infrastructure issues throughout the city that is my only job not replying to comments that aren’t based in facts. My job is to make sure projects are completed and I plan to see that to fruition,” said Johnson.

Commissioner Johnson says the lights are expected to be fixed and back on next month.