EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County School District and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office are investigating after an “unruly juvenile” was found to have a gun in their bookbag on the first day of classes at Greenbrier High School.

A press release from the Columbia County School District said, ” On Thursday, August 4, 2022, school administrators responded to an unruly juvenile in class. During the intervention process, further investigation revealed a gun in the student’s bookbag, which was immediately removed. The Columbia County School District Police responded immediately and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office was also contacted.”

According to the release, the incident was handled without causing disruptions to the school day.

The release also stated,

The Columbia County School District and Greenbrier High School takes incidents such as these
extremely seriously. All parties responsible will be held accountable according to the student
code of conduct and the law.

Safety of students and staff is a top priority. To that end, this message is intended to keep our
parents informed about incidents that occur, as well as our school’s appropriate response.
Please rest assured that every effort is taken to ensure a safe environment for students and
staff, including the presence of two highly trained school district police and a partnership with
local law enforcement. Safety, however, is a shared responsibility and we encourage parents to
speak with their students about the importance of “See something. Say something.”

Working together, we can continue to provide a positive learning environment for our students
and a safe workplace for our staff.

Abbigail Remkus, Director of Communications for Columbia County School District