ATHENS, Ga. – One of many traditions that happen here at the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium is the Battle Hymn. Anthony Perrotto was able to live out his dream setting the tone with a trumpet solo. 

“Even when I was up there, I was still in disbelief just that I was actually the person playing it,” says Anthony Perrotto, Red Coat Band Battle Hymn Soloist.

14 musical notes of UGA’s legendary Battle Hymn set the tone before the Georgia vs. Arkansas state game kicked off.  

All eyes in the Sanford Stadium were on 2018 Greenbrier graduate Anthony Perrotto as he hit each note on his trumpet during the solo role. A moment he’s always dreamed of. 

“When I played it, people were silent about halfway through and like during it I was just getting chills just listening to myself and hearing the echo around the stadium and everything and it was just a feeling that I can’t even describe,” says Anthony.  

It came down to the final four of 50 Red Coat trumpets who tried out.Anthony’s mother tells us he’s been eager to earn the winning spot since he was 6-years-old when he first heard the solo. 

“We were watching and he watched that trumpet do his solo and it just moved him! And he said I want to do that mommy,” says Susan Perrotto, Anthony’s mother.

Anthony kept saying he wanted to play the trumpet solo until he graduated high school. He shared his dream with his principal who then made a promise. 

“If you ever get a chance to play those 14 notes to start a game, I said somehow someway I will be there. I might not have a ticket, I might have to watch it from the bridge, but I will be in Athens to hear you play those notes,” says Chris Segraves, Retired Greenbrier High Principal. 

Securing the lead role also gained him extra tickets, so his principal could attend. 

Speaking his dream into existence, it’s a day Anthony has worked for and will never forget being a part of something so special to Georgia. 

“The Battle Hymn is Georgia. That’s a good way to put it. People hear the Battle Hymn and they’re just like that is Georgia,” says Anthony.  

Anthony says he’s looking forward to having this opportunity again before kick-off of the Georgia vs Missouri game on November 9th.