WARRENVILLE, S.C. (WJBF) – It’s been quite a year for Green Energy Biofuel in Warrenville, South Carolina.

“We’ve just grown leaps and bounds, just dealing with our used cooking oil recycling, that part of the company has just grown. We have several rail cars, we’ve been hitting record numbers every year, so we’ve been able to remodel the plant,” said Taylor Strickland, Industrial Sales, and Marketing.

“The goal for our company is to solve waste stream products by giving them an upcycled opportunity to do the right thing with their waste, creating green jobs and a future for everyone involved,” said Head Honcho, Bio Joe Renwick.

Not only has the company seen some upgrades but they’ve also received several awards.

“We won Carolina Recycling Associations, Recycler of the year for North and South Carolina, we’ve got one of the fastest growing small businesses in South Carolina, and then we were named as one of the best places to work in South Carolina,” said Strickland.

To celebrate Green Energy Biofuel invited people to check out its latest piece of equipment, their new depackager.

“If there is a pallet and, on the palette, there’s like forty-eight boxes and within those boxes, there’s two hundred bottles of mayonnaise or something in a package, we’re able to take the whole palette and dump it into the machine, and then all that material gets separated mechanically by the machine,” said Bio Joe.

“The plastics, the cardboard are separated and dry, and we can take any organic materials like a condiment, separate the water, treat that, separate the sludge, compost that, and if there’s any oil, we can recycle that into biodiesel,” said Strickland.

Whether it’s collecting cooking oil from restaurants and refining it into biodiesel, composting, or using its depackager, Green Energy Biofuel is doing what it can to help the environment.

“Being able to divert any of this food waste from the landfill is reducing that harmful methane gas that eventually gets released from the landfills and not only is it the right thing to do with the waste it also makes money. We can decrease peoples’ operational costs; we can actually find value for their waste and pay them for their waste to divert it from going to the landfill to have it go through our system of waste disposal to gain value and to just do the right thing with the waste. There has to be something better than just throwing it all away,” said Bio Joe.

As the holiday season gets closer, Green Energy Biofuel is encouraging people to not let their used cooking oil go to waste. Just go to their website and find your local recycling center. They also have drop-offs at all their home branches.