Governor Kemp lifts patron restrictions for restaurants


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Happening today, more restrictions are being lifted on restaurants in Georgia.

They can now start to operate at full capacity.

Workers are only required to wear masks when dealing with customers. Seated parties must remain 6 feet a part. Parties of 50 are allowed to be sat. There is no longer a limit on how many customers are allowed per square foot.

Owner of Wild Wing Cafe, Tricie Scholer, says, “I think it’s changing a lot for the smaller businesses, the retail stores and some of the smaller restaurants. You know, people that are not following the restrictions, are not going to follow the restrictions.”

She is still making her staff abide by CDC guidelines and will adhere to the lifted restrictions on a circumstantial basis.

Wild Wing Cafe also changed their sanitizer to a peroxide based liquid. She encourages customers to wait outside than in the lobby.

When it comes to large parties, Scholer says, “we’ll seat, instead of having a group together, which I think makes more sense anyway to seat tables of ten, and tables of ten, and tables of ten, if there is a party of 30 coming in, we can push the tables together now. That’s the only difference it really makes.”

Scholer says she still will be offering curbside service and no-contact takeout.

The restriction lift is effective today, June 16th.

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