COLUMBIA, Co. (WJBF)- Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stopped in Columbia County as part of his bus tour across the state just ahead of the primary election

State Issues on gas prices, and the  COVID-19 pandemic,  are just a couple of things Governor Kemp says he is focusing on during this election. 

More specifically, Kemp says he has no plans to put another mask mandate in place or shut down businesses 

“I don’t think people needed government mandates to do the right thing and they were getting information Georgians are smart that’s what we did Dr. Toomey myself we share that information only thing that mandated did  it divided people.” Said Kemp.  

State Representative Jodi Lott introduced Governor Kemp to a crowd of people in the Evans community—Lott says she believes his efforts on other important issues are succeeding.

“He’s done a great job he and his family actually have done an Incredible job fighting human traffic in the state  so not only fighting human trafficking but helping the victims.” Said Lott.

Many people came to hear Governor Kemp speak. Even the ones who are supporting other campaigns.

Kemp says he has one reason for running in this election.

“But make no mistake I’m in this race again like I was before to make sure Stacey Abrams does not become our governor and we keep this state moving in the right direction“ said Kemp.

He also says he plans to work more with law enforcement on a taskforce to stop gang violence — Something that could affect communities in the CSRA. 

“You know you didn’t need a reporter data  all you had to do was talk to your Local Sheriff the local law-enforcement your local prosecutor it was a problem all over our  state.” said Kemp.

Governor Kemp will also be stopping in Burke county to speak. For information go to