Governor budgets $14 million dollars toward Youth Challenge Academy in 2020


“To be able to attract more candidates to the program knowing that we will be a more state of the art academy,” says Jarvise Reid, Program Director of the Fort Gordon YCA. 

The Youth Challenge Academy is a voluntary 22-week military-style program that takes in at-risk youth who are 16 to 18-years-old. Throughout the course they are working towards their GEDs and turning their lives around. 

The campus has been around since 1967 and next year’s class will be able to experience new modern living conditions with renovations underway.

“A brand new dining facility, classroom space, office space, and whatever we have left, we will spread it around the remainder of the campus,” says Jarvise Reed.  

The priority of where they will utilize most of the budget will be for the barracks and the dining hall. 
in the barracks– their housing will be more spacious and accommodating allowing for more privacy. 

“It’s going to be much better. They’re going to have privacy in stalls, showers, and the barracks are going to be clean and better shape,” says Kevin Pano, YCA Cadet.  

“It’s good for the family members too. They want to know how their cadet is being housed. How’s their cadet living,” says Jarvise Reed. 

The biggest concern in the dining hall is to change the structure on how cadets receive their food to speed up the process. 

“I feel like next class or whenever it happens they will have a little more luxury,” says Zachary Mcree, YCA Cadet.

The contractor is working towards completing this project in the upcoming year. 

“We have received an abundance of support from just our partnership  here on the installation with the Director of Public Works- they’ve been very helpful as we move one phase to the next,” says Jarvise. 

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