Government shutdown effects being felt locally


President Donald Trump is refusing to back down on his request for a wall and congressional members from the other side are refusing to give the president what he wants. So we have a government shutdown which is the longest of its kind in U.S. history.

The impacts of the shutdown are starting to be felt far outside of the Washington Beltway.

We went into the local community to find out what some families are doing to stay afloat during the shutdown. 

We are aware that the shutdown effects federal workers but those who are on government assistance say since the shutdown took place they do not have much peace of mind– worrying about how they will make it.

“She has a heart murmer, she needs doctor appointments and she can’t go to none of them because she has no insurance.”

Jasmine Hopps says she applied for health benefits before the shutdown and now because of it she has not been given any answers on whether or not she’s been approved. She lives in constant fear something will happen to her one year old.

“That’s why I keep a close eye on her at night. No sleep until this gets situated.”

Shernell Griffin is a mother of four who says she has already started taking action to make sure her kids do not feel much of the shutdown impacts at home.

“I’ve already stocked up on all my groceries.”

But she says she cannot protect them from feeling it at school.

“I just found out that the kids school lunches are also going to be affected. I think they’re going to have to start paying for their lunches.”

Some say they agree with Pesident Donald Trump’s actions and do not mind the effects of the shutdown.

“Build the wall, y’know, if I have to pay for it. Suffer for a little bit for it. I’m game for it because I think in the end of it that Donald Trump is going to do good,” says Danny Shirey.

And for those who receive government assistance, Georgia has given out Feburary’s food benefits in advance in hopes to help soften the impacts until the shutdown is lifted. 

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