(WJBF) – The CSRA has had its fair share of restaurants over the years, and as they come and go, some are still on peoples minds.

We recently asked people on social media what restaurants they remember, and that they wish were still here.

Here’s a list of some restaurants that people wish were still here.

  1. Kawa

Kawa was only here for a few years but it made lasting impression on those who frequented the ramen spot. Located on Broad Street, Kawa was known for its ramen, sushi, and cocktails. Kawa closed in 2019.

2. Macaroni Grill

Macaroni Grill was located in the Augusta Exchange. The Italian restaurant unfortunately shut down in February of 2016 due to a fire. The building was a total loss but luckily nobody was injured. Currently, nothing has been built atop the property where it once stood.

3. The Snug

This cozy place was located on Davis Rd. It was known for it’s steaks, seafood, and sandwiches. It is now closed.

4. Yo Pizza

Yo Pizza was located on Wrightsboro Rd and definitely had it’s own look and vibe to it. The family friendly restaurant was known for it’s pizza, appetizers, and desserts. Yo Pizza served the community for 19 years before it closed it’s doors.

5. Fazoli’s

The Fazoli’s on Washington Rd is closed, and in its place now is Cookout. It was best known for it’s fast Italian. The closest Fazoli’s from Augusta is the one located in Columbia, SC.

6. Bull Chicks

Bull Chicks was located on Highland Avenue, and was known for burgers, wraps, wings, and salads. The chain restaurant is now closed.

7. Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s was on Washington Road was the spot to go if you needed chicken fingers. The restaurant has closed and is now a Zaxbys, but that hasn’t stopped people from having fond memories of Raising Cane’s. You can still find the chain restaurant though in other locations.

8. Po Folks

Out of ninety two responses this restaurants name came up the most. Located on Peach Orchard Rd, the restaurant is now closed, but was clearly a favorite in the community.

9. Shoney’s

Shoney’s in Daniel Village is another name that was mentioned more that once. The family restaurant best known for serving all American food. You can still find Shoney’s out in the wild even if the one in Daniel Village has closed it’s doors.

10. Roosters Beak

Located on 10th Street in Downtown Augusta, Roosters Beak was known for it’s interesting array of tacos, atmosphere, and drinks. The Berlin taco and guacamole were apparently out of this world. So much so that people are still talking about it even after the restaurant closed.

11. The Green Jacket

A lot of people have fond memories of this one. Fans of the restaurant praised it’s steaks and seafood options.

12. Twisted Burrito

Located on Madeline Drive, fans of praised the restaurants non traditional burritos, as well as it’s fries. Even though it’s closed people still wish they could taste a “Boss Hog” or “Raging Bull Burrito.

13. Duke’s

When we initially put up this list the comment section was flooded with names of restaurant’s that people missed. This classic showed a lot. Duke’s is definitely something people wish they had back in the area.

14. Stevie B’s

Stevie B’s on Bobby Jones is definitely gone but not forgotten. The pizza buffet was a fan favorite for folks in town and people wouldn’t be mad if it showed back up.

Restaurants come and go but the good ones always stay with you. The CSRA always has new, and interesting places to dine popping up, so there’s always new and exciting things to try. For the ones that are gone, we’ll always have the memories.