AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Golfers from near and far have been hitting the greens at local golf clubs this week, and workers there told us the Masters has been good for business.

Many people at the clubs attribute this to it being the first full-blown Masters tournament since the start of the pandemic. 

“There’s been roughly a thirty, thirty-five percent increase,” said Dannie Mickens, a member at Augusta Municipal Golf Course. “As a matter of fact, I don’t normally park here – I usually park down by the clubhouse, but we’ve definitely had a influx here.”

At the AMGC, or what is known as “The Patch,” they’ve seen out-of-towners all the way from Washington state. 

“Business has been great,” said Ira A. Miller, the General Manager of AMGC. “Everyday I always ask where people are from, I try to keep a rating from what state is leading. Today Washington is leading. Last year Ohio was a bit popular but, for right now, Washington state – the farthest state away – is winning.”

Ira said they’ve been averaging about 100 rounds per day. On an average day not during the Masters, it’s about 60.

And at Pointe South Golf Club, a record was almost set this past Sunday with 185 golfers playing the course.

“It was pretty incredible, but everyday has been busy,” said Robbie Ducey, the Assistant Manager at Pointe South Golf Club. ‘You see people from the West Coast, you see people from Ireland, from Australia. Over the years I’ve met a bunch of them.”

One golfer we spoke to was from Bradenton, Florida, and he was soaking in the true Augusta golf experience.

“We’re gonna be attending the Masters Saturday and Sunday,” said Paul Bumgardner, a golfer at Pointe South. “Looking forward to it, except for the rain that may be coming in, but hopefully that’ll be okay. And we decided to play some golf with my son-in-law and we’re having a good time.”

Club employees and regulars said they’re looking forward to seeing more of these new faces throughout the rest of the week.