AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — People across the area are feeling the weight of a looming recession. With the help of organizations like Golden Harvest and the Love Center, people in the community feel they have a safe space.

“Coming here, showing them that they’re still people that care about the homeless and that have a heart still– for us– then that’s a big step for a lot of people. Not a lot of people see that,” Love Center client Lathy Emmons said.

Golden Harvest partners with several organizations throughout the CSRA. Lately, their effort is to highlight those organizations who are being a resource to the community.

“The mission is to provide basic needs to the community, and then to get them engaged and becoming productive citizens,” Chief Operating Officer Lakisha Armstrong said.

At the Love Center, clients are able to receive services from Monday through Friday like showers, meals, clothes, and more. 

“Here at the Love Center, they have bible study, you’re not obligated to attend, but you’re welcome to it. You’re welcome to reply or just to sit and listen. Either way you feel the presence of God, you see the presence of God,” Love Center client Aubrey Michael Mathis said.

They have a chance to get clean and have a full belly, but that’s not all. 

“With their gospel and everything, I’ve turned myself back into God’s child, I’ve got baptized this coming year,” Emmons said. 

The Love Center provides a chance for people in need to feel seen and accepted. 

“First and foremost, they provide a loving environment, they respect you, they treat you like a person, and they don’t judge you for your situation,” Mathis said.

In the past year over 1,000 pieces of clothes were donated to those in the community who needed them.

“You don’t know where a person is at in their life, so the first thing you got to do if you’re working for humanity– over people– is to come to them where they are,” Mathis said. 

Clients here at the Love Center say changing the world starts with caring for the people closest to you. If you want to help the center, click here.