JOHNSTON, S.C. (WJBF) – Stephanie Fletcher has been a teacher for 7 years. But she’s known she was destined for this Johnston Elementary School classroom for decades.

“My sister had a hard time when we were in school with math and things,” Fletcher says. “And I was always the one to help her. And I just really enjoy helping kids and helping them figure out what they’re good at, their strengths, and figuring out what they want to do later in life, even in first grade.”

That means making sure these children learn to love school from the very start. A successful first grade year can lead to great things.

“We try to have fun with math. And we try to incorporate many real life things, and teach them how they can use it later on in life.”
The entire team at Johnston Elementary prides itself on getting the kids to take ownership of their education.

“We are a leader in me school, so we teach them very early on, starting in 4k, that you are in charge of your own learning. You’re in charge of your choices. And so we teach that and then they know what to do during their independent time.”

When she’s not in the classroom, Ms. Fletcher is in her community. She has a strong connection with her students.

“I pride myself on family relationships and I just love all of my families,” she says. “And we love to learn together, not only in school but I go to their sports games and things like that. And we just have a great time together. I love it.”