Golden Apple: Katie Mobley


SARDIS, GA (WJBF) – When you teach 2nd grade, you get to see a lot of success stories. These bright young minds just keep growing as the school year goes along. Katie Mobley helps make that growth possible.

“When you know that you’ve been working all week, teaching a new skill and you push and push and we work one on one with them, and then we have some sort of assessment, and then you see that the light bulb has come on, it’s just a great feeling,” Mobley says.

Katie Mobley has been teaching for 19 years. She knows she chose the right career.

“Each night when lay down at night, I always think, have I made a difference today? Have I done everything I could possibly do to help my students, to make them successful on their next path, where they’re going from here?”

Ms. Mobley says the pandemic has deepened her students desire to learn. They want to make the most of their time on campus.

“They have absolutely been sponges. They want to absorb and learn. Being back in the class setting. I’m glad that they are back.”

Katie Mobley will tell you she could not do this alone. She depends on the great team at SGA Elementary. And she really leans on her teammate in the classroom.

“I have Ms. Patricia Walker, she is my parapro,” she says. “We’re like an old married couple. She and I have been together for 17-and-a-half years and I honestly could not have been getting this award without her.
She is my support system. And I could not do it without her.”

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