Golden Apple: Karen McMahan


Talk about progress. Karen McMahan’s first graders go from beginners to experts in a matter of months. 
“Some of these kids come in reading maybe 10 words per minute,” McMahan says. “The first grade goal is 60 words per minute. Some of them are already at 100-150 words per minute.”
The secret to her success is keeping them interested in every lesson. Like these gardens that do so much more than a unit in a textbook. 

“We did those projects because our unit in reading for this time of year the is dealing with growing plants, and how animals grow and change, and this was just a way to incorporate our science standards and give our kids a hands-on experience of seeing how things grow and what they need to grow.”
And as these children grow, Mrs. McMahan can rest assured and know they will never forget her. 
“It’s a big responsibility. I’ve always felt that children don’t care what you know unless they know that you care. I try to treat them like my own children. I love them. I have high expectations for them. I try to make learning fun and make them want to come to school and want to be here.”
It’s a job that truly takes a team and Mrs. McMahan has a great one at Stevens Creek Elementary School. 
“It’s just an unbelievable atmosphere. The faculty and staff here are wonderful. My first grade team, I can’t imagine doing this job without them.” 
Thank you Karen McMahan for 31 awesome years in the classroom. 3 decades of helping our children and our community. 
“I get a lot of love from these children,” she says. “What job do you get to come to every day that everybody wants to give you a hug and everybody stops you in the hall and says hey. It’s very rewarding and fulfilling.” 

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