HEPHZIBAH, GA (WJBF) – Billterrenice Streetman teaches several subjects at Hephizibah High School. He’s an expert at explaining History, Psychology, and Sociology. He also conveys life lessons to his students.

“We can have wonderful families, wonderful friends, a great career,” Streetman says. “But ultimately, all of those things are going to present challenges. So if I can instill something in our young people, to give them some encouragement, some wisdom, some insight, as to how to keep going through those things, I think that pays dividends later on.”.

He may not have known it at the time, but Mr. Streetman kicked off this career when he was a child.
“At my grandfather’s house, going to church was not an option. We had to go. And when I was 10-years old, my grandfather gave me a book, told me to go teach the kids that were 5-6, and I knew then that that was what I was going to do.”

Mr. Streetman takes time to establish strong connections with his students. He’s compassionate. He understands that sometimes, life happens.

“Every child is different. So Covid, family problems, it affects each child differently. So whereas if we have an assignment that’s due on Thursday, but there’s an unforeseen challenge that that child meets, we can sit down and have a conversation, and maybe we can extend that deadline.”
And even though they’re high school students. Mr. Streetman knows that parents still play a huge role.

“Give your child everything you have,” he says. “Teach your child from your successes. Teach your child from their failures. Correct your child. But always encourage your child and be your child’s advocate and be your child’s hero.”

Thank you Billterrinice Streetman for keeping your students on the path to greatness. A path that you’ve been walking since those times at church with your grandfather.

“One of the things I try to tell my students is whatever you do, please find something to do that you love as much as I love teaching.”