AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The sparks are flying over the city’s decision not to apply for control of the ambulance zone, but questions remain on who is to blame.

“They voted against having a permanent provider even though they knew we needed a permanent provider in order to go after the zone, this is just a bad political game and I just think folks are crapping out at this point,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

The decision not to apply for the zone came after commissioners rejected the recommended new ambulance contract with Ameripro, but commissioners saying if the city applied for the zone, there is a month-to-month contract with Gold Cross already in place.  

“We have a contract with a provider, that’s what’s required from the state, so we already had it, so it wasn’t necessary for us to contract in with Ameripro in order to get it,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

“The only thing I’ve heard for the five years I’ve been sitting on this is we want the zone, we need the zone, we have to have the zone, for us not to apply for the zone when we had the opportunity, I’m still shaking my head about it,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett. 

Gold Cross is also shaking its head over the bidding process, filing an official protest, citing six different reasons where the company feels it was treated unfairly.

“As well they should,” said Commissioner Mason.

“I think that is very disappointing that something that is sanctioned by law, by city code, is being challenged just because the outcome wasn’t the outcome folks wanted it to be I think that is very disheartening,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

City leaders are at odds over ambulance service and at this point it does not look like help is on the way.