AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An EMT certification course would normally set you back a few thousand dollars, but with Gold Cross’s new program, you can work as an EMT driver by day, and take the EMT certification course by night. When the program is complete, you’ll have a job as an EMT with Gold Cross.

“You can take that course right here on site, and work your way up from just being a driver, to becoming an EMT,” director of business development at Gold Cross, Michael Meyers said.

The certification will be free to those hired as drivers, and Meyers is hoping this initiative will propel people into a career path.

“So here you are, walking in entry level, just a driver. At the same time, you are getting a paycheck driving, you can take a class a few days a week, and within a few months, become an EMT,” Meyers said.

Gold Cross isn’t just hiring drivers.

“We are hiring. We are looking for people who are interested in possibly turning this into a career,” Meyers said. “We are hiring EMTs, we are hiring advanced EMTs, we’re hiring paramedics, and we’re hiring people who just want to be drivers.”

He says the goal is to have a team that reflects the community.

“One way to be about community is making sure that your workforce looks like the community,” Meyers said. “If we can bring people that are from our community, people that people recognize, people that people know, people that are here and have something invested in our community– it’s helpful.”

Drivers must be 21 or older, and EMTs must be at least 18.