AUGUSTA (WJBF) – A notice was sent to the City of Augusta to inform the Mayor, Interim City Administrator and city leaders that Gold Cross would be terminating their month to month agreement on April 21, 2023.

Gold Cross EMS, which has been providing emergency medical services in the CSRA for over 17 years, will cease their 911 services in Augusta.

This comes after Gold Cross surrendered the zone back to the state of Georgia.

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Gold Cross EMS CEO, Vince Brogdon said, “Let me assure you that Gold Cross isn’t going anywhere. We are and will continue to be in this community! Providing quality service and playing our part in taking care of our citizens.”

Gold Cross is the contracted 911 EMS provider for Columbia County, Jefferson County.

“With rising cost and after discussions with management within the company, we just felt it would no longer be beneficial to either party to continue the month to month contract with the city.” Vince Brogdon stated. “With the new company that was awarded the zone coming in; we will work hard to help with a smooth transition in any way we can. Please know that I care deeply for this community. As I grew up here, went to school here, and worked here in this community. I will always keep the door open to help our citizens in any way I can; even if I am not the zone provider.

A note issued to the staff reads as follows:

The recent hiring fair and the ability for this company to hire people on the spot have made it increasingly difficult to provide 911 services in Augusta. Gold Cross has always been and will continue to be a – company built on principle and providing the best level of service we can. If for a moment, we feel as if this can no longer happen – we will do what is in the best interest of everyone; and at this time that is pulling our 911 services out of Augusta so we can focus on our services in other areas. Our GT services are still alive and well – we will continue to provide them throughout this entire region.

“Gold Cross as a company is great – we will continue to be a staple in this community and continue to provide comfort and care for the entire CSRA. We love all of our employees, and I can assure you that each of them will always have a job here.” Mike Meyers, Director of Business Development stated.

Central EMS is slated to begin service, May 1st.