Gold Cross deal doesn’t advance


Tuesday was not the day for a new deal between the city of Augusta and Gold Cross ambulance. 

 “It’s up and down it’s up and down and you know everybody has an opinion,” said Commissioner John Clarke. 

Several commissioners of the opinion that it is time  reenter into  a contract with Gold Cross for ambulance service, 

With one key component Gold Cross would agree to lower its ambulance fees to what the city of Augusta changers lower the costs to patients by hundreds of dollars .

 “We do want to get it done. I think it’s best for the citizens we talked earlier about the fees we talked about having EMT’s or better on the Ambulances so that’s a must,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams. 

But some Commissioners say Gold Cross increasing its fees was simply a  hard ball negotiating tactic. 

“That was just their way of gaining of making the community angry with the local government it’s a way a scare tactic we got you over  here so were going to increase the prices,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

The are costs in the  proposal for the city Augusta would once again pay Gold Cross a subsidy. 

400 thousand this year, but pro-rated, for the remaining months, jumping  to 600-thousand  next year and 650-thousand  after that. 

“I think we have to pay a subsidy we can’t do the ambulance business out selves we got to pay somebody to do it.

The Gold Cross contract talks  hit a brick wall, after the issue was discussed in legal session where sources say commissioners were informed  by the attorney  that a straight contract with gold cross could violate the city bidding  policy. 

With the mayor adding in the meeting that the city’s ambulance service sub-committee would not be meeting again. 

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