Glenn Hills’ classmates remember Cecil Ridley’s life


AUGUSTA, Ga. – “Intelligent, very modest and polite. To me he was a quiet guy. He wasn’t one of the preppy guys, he wasn’t one of the heavy jocks in our class and stuff like that. He was kind of more laid back in his own type of way. But on the field, he played his position very well,” says Marcus Colbert, Ridley’s Teammate and Close Friend.

Cecil Ridley was a 17-year veteran of Richmond County’s Sheriff’s office. But 51-year-old Ridley was not a stranger to this community before then. He was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, where he played football at Glenn Hills High in 1988.

On November 20th, fellow Spartans learned that one of their own was shot and killed while on duty.

“Wow that’s my friend. It’s not like somebody from another unit or somebody getting killed. It’s somebody you actually know and you grew up with, so that’s like family to us,” says Colbert.

Marcus Colbert shares how he’ll remember Ridley, who was a junior during the time Colbert was a freshman at Glenn Hills.

“Being on the field, he would tell you if you missed a play or something, where you should be, where you should stand, or like if you’re in the hallway at school…a lot of people wouldn’t speak to each other if you weren’t in their click. He was not like that. He would come by, he would speak to you, he was a warm hearted guy,” says Marcus.

Just like Colbert, classmates were heartbroken and poured their condolences, love, and prayers on Facebook. Classmates tell me they will remember Ridley as easy going and always having a smile in the hallways.

Spartans also tell us they are a close knit group and they can depend on each other to lean on during tough times like this.

“We talk to each other more, what do you all want to do for the family, stuff like that, so I think that’s a great thing about being a Spartan,” says Marcus.

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