Glascock County Sheriffs Office honors K-9 Officer that passed away


GIBSON, Ga. (WJBF) – Officers, family, and members of the community lined up outside of the Taylor Funeral Home Chapel to pay their respects to a K-9 officer that passed away.

“We’re honoring our K-9, Duro,” said Sheriff Jeremy Kelly, Glascock County. “Duro was six-years-old. He came to us in 2018. He was a donation to our sheriffs office. During that time, he became the partner of Deputy David Tompkins. October the 3rd of 2021, Duro came down with stomach bloat, was rushed to the emergency vet, underwent surgery, and on October the 4th passed away from complications from the surgery that ensued.”

Certified as a dual purpose patrol and drug dog, Duro performed more than 100 searches and assisted several other agencies. He also participated in numerous public demonstrations and gatherings.

“A lot of our citizens and a lot of the family members that are here are animal people, or animal lovers, as well as myself and Deputy Tompkins; but at the same time, a K-9 officer is an officer, just the same as any other officer. He has a badge number, he goes on the same calls that we do, he deals with the same people that we do. He is an enhanced officer. His smell is much better than ours, his sense of the atmosphere is better than ours, his ears are better than ours to detect what’s going on. They’re an enhancement to us and an officer by our side dealing with the call that we deal with day in and day out,” said Sheriff Kelly.

Even though Officer Duro’s time with the Glascock County Sheriff’s Office was cut short, he can rest easy knowing that he not only helped those in his community — he also has so many people that love and miss him.

“There’s not enough words to describe what he meant to Deputy David Tompkins, Deputy Tompkins’ family, and the Sheriff’s Office. You can’t put a term or words on the fact that you lose one of your officers and to say that, he’s also a family member. We spend 365 days a year together. They’re our family,” said Sheriff Kelly.

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