AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Michael Patton is known as “the glue” that holds together MCG’s Healthy Grandparent program.

That program helps grandparents who, for a variety of circumstances, are raising their grandchildren, not only stay healthy but stay together.

Mike’s compassion leads to advocacy for the grandparents, as well as the children who rely on them… and that’s why he’s this month’s Giving Your Best winner.

Patton’s Mom, Becky Jenkins, says even when he was a child, her son had a desire to help others.

“He has a kind heart. He would do most anything for anybody.”

She says it’s the same today.

“He arranged for one or two busloads of families to go to Stone Mountain, he’s had picnics in the park with them. He has Christmas parties at Julian Smith Casino that would rival almost anybody’s in town.”

Patton’s job as a social worker is more than his calling; it’s the foundation that led him to Augusta University and the Healthy Grandparents Program.

He says leaving Tifton, Georgia for Augusta University was the right move.

“It’s been the best decision I ever made in my life to come here and work with these wonderful grandparents.

Grandparents like Vernell Dent.

“We shouldn’t be penalized because we’re taking care of our children for one reason or another, but we are. He’s trying to get a law passed so that grandparents can have the same rights as foster parents, I mean Mike just goes all out-of-the-box just to make it comfortable for us and our families. And we love him and we appreciate him!!”

Patton was very humble when accepting the Giving Your Best Award Winner.

“You know, I feel NOT deserving of getting any awards for working with these grandparents because they the ones doing all the hard work. They are the ones making all the sacrifices, they are the ones turning their lives upside down to take care of their grandchildren.”

And while she wishes her grandchildren’s circumstances could have been better, Vernell Dent counts her blessings.

“You know, they might have come from beginnings that I wish were better, but God saw fit to put Mike Patton in our lives, so things worked out just fine.”

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