Giving Your Best: Link Green


When Sonia Trimmingham saw the great impact a soldier at Fort Gordon was having on her sister’s second graders, she knew she had to nominate the young man for a Giving Your Best award.

Linkeshai Green began volunteering in Neilia Trimmingham’s, classroom… and it didn’t take long for the staff to notice he was an awesome mentor to at-risk kids.

His willingness to step up makes him our latest winner of the Giving Your Best award.

“I’ve noticed that they’d come to my classroom looking for him, like ‘where is he?”

HE is Link Green, a mentor to elementary school students. Many of them don’t have a steady male role model in their lives.

Nelia Trimmingham/teacher: “He just kept coming and lending a hand with my students and other teachers saw the great work he was doing in my class, in second grade, and the third grade team especially asked for his help with their boys and he was like, ‘Sure, I’ll be happy to do it,’ and that’s how it got started.”

Link Green/award winner: “I formed a connection with the boys who were pretty much apathetic at first, but I formed a connection with them and we came up with a name for our mentorship program, we got shirts. we have a Facebookpage- StopSquad on Facebook, and I’ve been connected with the boys ever since.”

But the boys aren’t the only ones who have benefited.  StopSquad came into Link’s life at the right time, too.

“I was getting out of the military unexpectedly, due to several injuries – so I really didn’t feel like I had a purpose at that point- but those children really made me feel great the way that they greeted me every morning and the progress that I saw them make in turn impacted me.”

Stars In Training Obtaining Power, Link’s goal is to be supportive, teach self-confidence and encourage the children to chase their dreams.

Nealia sees the changes in her students everyday.

“Mentor them, give them life lessons, not just about school, but life in general, to be better people. And so, I noticed that, and they really want to please him and do things to earn his respect.”

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