AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Our team had a blast surprising Deidre Roberson with the Giving Your Best award!

In the words of her nominator, she has “thrived when statistics said she should have given up, caved in, and thrown in the towel.”

Deidre took what she’s learned raising a child with special needs and created space and opportunity for others. She founded the non-profit, M.O.M. which stands for Moving Over Mountains against autism.

“Her attitude is one, ‘we’re gonna do it, we’re able to do it,’ there’s no NO in her vocabulary at all. So I was like, who is more deserving?”

Tonia Gibbons says it was easy to nominate Deidre Roberson for the Giving Your Best award because Deidre’s determined to bring attention and awareness to autism, while making sure the children living with it aren’t overlooked or treated differently.

Deidre Roberson’s son has autism.

“When Marshall was diagnosed at 3, I didn’t have anyone that could help me, so I educated myself to where I can make his life easier. So when that happened to me, I decided to form my organization so I could help other mothers.”

Tonia says Roberson created the first autism walk in the CSRA.

“She had hundreds of people in the walk – they were just so glad to have something that represented those in their community and their families.”

And her reach is growing. Roberson created her non-profit, Moving Over Mountains, as a resource and hub of information for parents of children with autism.

“And I also do a breakfast in April for all the mothers and parents to come out as well.”

But adversity is nothing new. Deidre Roberson has overcome great challenges in the past, just listen to what happened 23 years ago, in the summer of 2000:

“I was a UPS driver and I went head-on with a cement truck. I was in the hospital from June – November, they told me I would lose my left leg. I was in a wheelchair for 2 years but now I’m standing here talking to you. My accident was my changing point, but Marshall made me a better person. I knew why I was saved in 2000- he’s the reason.”

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