Girls Go Cyberstart continues enthusiasm in high school girls


(WJBF) – Cyber enthusiasm in young women continues to grow in our local schools.

This is the second year Governor Kemp is backing Girls Go CyberStart.

Augusta Prep is one of the schools that implemented Girls Go CyberStart.

The technology teacher, Mary White, says when it started she wasn’t sure anybody would sign up but it was to her surprise that many girls did.

“We were worried about having, you know you need 5 girls to start a team,” says White, “and we were a but concerned about getting that many signed up for it, because historically we didn’t have that many female computer science students. We ended up having 15 girls show up.”

That makes Augusta Prep the second largest all girls cyber team in area high schools.

A senior at Augusta Prep, Caroline Mosier, says, “it’s really fun and I love it. I’m so glad we can do it.”

Mosier has helped the team code since it began.

“Last year was our first year doing it, and, actually, I didn’t honestly think it was going to happen last year,” says Mosier. “I’ve been one of the only females in the computer science program for like two years now, but like having such a big interest as we had last year was like great.”

She’s excited more girls will be joining the team at the start of their high school career, like Priya Sharma, who’s a freshman at Augusta Prep.

“I started taking computer science so I’m pretty new to this,” says Sharma, “but I’m excited to participate in Girls Go CyberStart because I heard you don’t need that much experience.”

Mrs. White is also learning along the way.

“I haven’t had any previous experience in cyber security activities before either,” says White, “and the game was so well designed. Like, they teach you as you go along. They give you the information that you need to know.”

These teams compete around the country. Mrs. White has gotten Augusta Prep to recognize the cyber clubs at pep rallies and assemblies.

“When we had assembly,” says Mosier, “we all got T-shirts, and it was really cool standing up in front of the whole school, being like ‘yeah we can do, we did this,’ it was fun.”

“Their successes last year has really built them up in the eyes of the wider student body,” says Mrs. White.

The first meeting for the extracurricular was Wednesday night. If you’d like to get involved reach out to your local schools administration

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