GLASCOCK COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger stopped in Glascock County to make sure voting equipment is working properly.

With election season coming up, Raffensperger and county leaders, are working to make sure every vote gets counted. It’s a process Secretary Raffensperger and county leaders hope will lead to voter confidence.

Making sure your voice is heard is why you vote in the first place, but making sure your vote is counted is why Raffensperger says he’s making his way to each county in the state of Georgia.

“My highest priority is your security of your ballot; we want you to know it’s going to be recorded accurately. And so, it’s really about, as we elevate confidence, so now we have photo I.D. for all forms of voting. If you want to vote absentee it’s all photo I.D.”

So, that’s why leaders say the voting machine health check is vital. 

“What we’re doing here today and what we’ll give you a demonstration of is really to show you that the machines are recording all the votes accurately, that there has been nothing that’s happened to them, so all the votes are going to be accurate. And so, we want people to be prepared to understand that the machines are going to record your votes as you cast it,” Raffensperger said.

Those with the Secretary of State Elections Division walk us through the process of ballot validation.

“Everything we test throughout the state should have the exact same results because we’re using the exact same test deck. So, that is the functionality part of the test, just making sure that it behaves like it should when a voter goes to vote,” Chris Ballew said. 

So far, Raffensperger has visited about half of Georgia’s counties. He aims to visit all of them by election day.