Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stops in the Garden City with a big focus on healthcare


AUGUSTA, G.a. (WJBF) —- Governor Brian Kemp made several stops in the River Region on Monday. Many issues that Georgia’s faces were on the governor’s agenda, including; sex trafficking, labor loss, and affordable medical care.

“We got the patients first act done during the legislative session,” said Kemp. “It gives us the stability to move forward with Medicaid waivers and waivers to Obama-Care.”

Medical organizations were up close to Governor Kemp with examples they see their patients struggle with. While that is the top priority, many say there is another issue looming in Georgia.

“We have a maldistribution of providers,” said the dean Medical College of Georgia, Dr. David Hess. “We don’t have a lot of providers that want to do primary and that’s one of the things we are behind in. The whole country is behind in, it’s just not a Georgia problem.”

The co-founder of Christ Community Health told NewsChannel 6’s reporter Devin Johnson, we have to expand the primary care workforce in our communities.

“Just expanding insurance in the state of Georgia is not necessarily going to increase availability for primary care, or accessibility for primary care for some individuals,” said the medical director Dr. Robert Campbell.

As well as expanding health care to rural Georgia. 64 out of 159 counties have no pediatrician; 79 counties have no OB/GYN. Governor Kemp says he is looking at other state’s health policy, but he says the focus remains what works for georgia.

“We may look at parts of that,” said Kemp. “What debility we have here is to come up with a Georgia base solution.”

So what is the solution?

“We have to create more medical school slots and more residency slots. Then we got to keep people in Georgia,” said Dr. Hess.

The dean of the Medical of College of Georgia says the 3+3+6 initiative — the college’s plan to bring more physicians in rural areas of Georgia could be in effect sometime 2021.

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