Georgia Democratic Candidate for Governor, Stacey Abrams, visits area while pushing for votes


It’s the push for democratic votes in the red state.

Georgia Democratic Governor Candidate Stacey Abrams made our area part of her campaign tour.

Abrams is up against Republican Candidate Brian Kemp.

Abrams wasted no time and got right into the reason for her speech.

“The reason we’re traveling the state is not about me. It’s about you.

“Abrams touched on healthcare.

“This is the biggest difference I have with my opponent. It’s that healthcare is not a privilege, healthcare is a right. Under his administration, you have the right to get sick but not the right to get well,” said Abrams.

Abrams says that her opponent, Kemp, refuses to expand Medicaid in the state of Georgia but it’s her number one priority.

She also talked education- from elementary to the post high school level.

Abrams feels state funding for education should stay in public schools.

“I appreciate and believe that students should attend any school they wish to attend, including private schools. But, I don’t believe that public dollars should fund private education,” said Abrams.

That would mean possibly losing the Georgia GOAL Scholarship program which is state funded.

It would affect students in 8 private schools across our area- one of those being Heritage Academy in downtown Augusta.

“Probably 45 percent of the students currently enrolled at Heritage are on a GOAL scholarship right now. We have 235 students,” said Executive Director Linda Tucciarone.

Tucciarone says 95.9 percent of GOAL funding has been awarded to minority students who attend Heritage Academy.

“It makes attending a school of their choice possible,” said Tucciarone.

“It diverts $100 million a year from our public schools. We’ve not fully funded education in the state of Georgia for our public school students and until we accomplish that goal, I do not believe the diversion of funds is appropriate in the state of Georgia,” said Abrams.  

After Abrams finishes her tour in our area, she says she’ll be driving to southwest Georgia which was hit by Hurricane Michael.

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