The Garden City took another step forward in becoming the destination for cyber command. The Shaffer MacCartney Building finally opened its doors.

The director of outreach and engagement says the building will be more than just cyber command.

“It’s going to have everything from pitch space to pitch new innovative ideas,” said Todd Gay. “You’re also going to have maker space that’s on the other end of the building with 3D printing and laser cutting to come up with different prototypes or ideas. Then you can take that idea and pitch it in the pitch space.”

The building will be different from the Hull McKnight Building; it will be strictly for industrial purposes. Businesses from all over the country have already expressed interest in acquiring space. 

“We have local customers in the area; before we were having to spend a lot of travel budget coming down to talk to them. Now we invite them over to the building,” explained a developer for Parsons Cyber, Sharon Martin.

More than 600 people showed up for the ribbon cutting. Governor Nathan Deal says the project is well on its way since the opening of the first building in 2016.

“It is showing its advantages and benefits almost as quickly as it was for us to build the buildings themselves,” said Deal.

Governor Deal says there are more than 200,000 job openings in cyber command. He hopes the Georgia Cyber Center can be a stepping stone to fill those positions.

“If we become the epicenter of training people with those kinds of skills to take those jobs; it will mean a lot to our state and this local Augusta community,” explained Deal.

The new five-story building will play a significant role in the Hull McKnight building because students will be near their potential employers.

“There is a lot of excitement in Augusta Georgia, but this isn’t about Augusta, this is about the state of Georgia,” said Gay. “That’s what we are looking forward to doing. “To make sure we train, educate and develop a workforce for the state.”