Georgia Cancer Center raises awareness on esophageal cancer


The Georgia Cancer Center shed light on three cancers in particular today– Testicular, Head and Neck, and Esophageal that were all represented by a different color. Messages of support for current cancer patients were also written on the ribbons as well as dedications to loved ones. 

“So the patients are aware of the signs and symptoms,” says Asha Nayak, Medical Oncologist at Georgia Cancer Center. “And they can get themselves checked out for it, so they can be treated as early as possible.” 

Doctors and patients gathered around Dr. Asha Nayak, who specializes in esophageal cancer, to hear the discussion on the importance of recognizing signs early before it’s severe 

“An early stage you can just go ahead and have surgery done and get it taken out. You may not even need anything after that. If it’s locally advance, you’re going to have chemotherapy, radiation, and then followed by surgery,” says Dr. Nayak. 

Some of the common symptoms that should not be ignored are dificulty swallowing, reflux, unintentional weight loss, chest pain, and heartburn. Unhealthy living can put you at risk for this particular cancer. 

“Smoking. That is a very important risk factor. The other is drinking alcohol out of proportion, not living a healthy lifestyle, and being moderately obese.”

Victims who are suffering this illness are encouraged by the staff at Augusta University- are learning they are not alone in the fight against their disease.

“To support them through all of the complications that they are likely to have during the treatment phase.”

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