AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Sand Bar Ferry Road is where a commission committee is recommending the site for a large city sculpture.

“The gateway sculpture is an amazing addition to East Augusta, the Sand Bar Ferry Road area is a gateway, a welcome mat for the city of Augusta,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson. 

After failing to move forward three years ago, commissioners are trying again to place a gateway sculpture. Finding a location is a key part of the process.  

“Of course, artists want to know where it is going to go, what does the terrain look like,” said Brenda Durant of the Greater Augusta Arts Council.

Three years ago, two final designs for a Riverwatch Parkway sculpture made it all the way to commissioners, who rejected both, stopping work in its tracks, but the plan is to seek new proposals so the old designs will be out.

“Of course, it makes me feel better now I can’t wait to see what they come up with, it will be interesting,” said Commissioner John Clarke.   

Spending tax dollars on public art can draw criticism, but commissioners say the million dollars for the three gateway sculptures was approved by voters.

“Whether we feel like it’s something that’s justified or not, we can’t ask the people to do one thing and then we turn around and do something different,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason. 

But city leaders will still get the chance to be art critics, the final design for the gateway sculptures will need commission approval.