AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Out-going Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams offered this advice when it came to the election of the next Mayor Pro-Tem.  

“I want them to select a person that they feel like they can follow,” Williams said.  

Three commissioners were nominated for Mayor Pro-Tem: Francine Scott, Alvin Mason, and Brandon Garrett.  

In the end, it was Garrett getting the appointment, winning on a 6 to 3 to 1 vote.  

“I appreciated it,” Garrett says. “Thank you for the support up here. I know it was not an easy decision for all of us, but thank you.” 

“Commissioner Garrett has earned the right for this,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom. “He is on his second term for this, first of all, and I think when you look at it, he has led committees. And when you look at the Lock and Dam issue, he has been the liaison; he has been a community leader.”

Commissioner Alvin Mason made a motion for a symbolic revote, so Garrett could be elected unanimously, but that passed on a 7 to 2 to 1 vote with Commissioners Pulliam and Johnson voting against and Williams abstaining.  

“The vote to make it unanimous you voted no, why?” 

“I don’t switch my vote often,” says Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

“Just symbolic to show unity.” 

“I don’t switch my vote often,” Jordan repeats.  

The new year brought some new faces to Augusta Government: a new mayor, three new commissioners, and now a new Mayor Pro-Tem.