Garra Fish Spa Health Benefits


“It’s been one of the things I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.”

Garra Fish Spa provides shoppers with a different way to care for their feet. The amphibian is known as the kissing fish and once you place your feet in the water, their bodies pull off two to three layers of skin.

“When you pop open a soda, the fizzy bubble feeling that you get, that’s what you get on your feet,” says Reinaldo Ortiz, a first time customer. 

This type of experience offerers various kinds of health benefits. for those who suffer from gout or diabetes, this spa treatment helps with your blood circulation too. 

“It brings that blood circulation to the front of your feet and help you be able to have a lighter load.”

The biggest pore on your body can be found on your feet. aside from the fish spa, they also offer an ionic cleanse which detoxes you from the mouth down. 

“It leaves your body at it’s purest form as if you were a new born baby.”

The color of the water determines what part of your body is being cleansed. if the water is brown then your kidneys are getting cleaned out. this detox system breaks apart the toxins in your body and can help with tiredness, poor sleep and headaches.

The owner of Garra Fish Spa says the main goal is for customers to step outside of their comfort zone and try a more natural foot care. she wants them to feel at home while doing taking part in the experience. 

“In this atmosphere we want a warm welcoming feeling, we want everyone to feel like family.It’s just a lot of unity here.”

Jaye weinbery says he feels they have accomplished just that.

“A great environment, everybody is getting along. I think that was a positive. Kind of shopping and not speaking to no one, it feels more family here.”

Garra Fish Spa is located inside the Augusta Mall. 

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