WJBF – Fusion Ballroom of Augusta is a premiere dance studio that offers different classes for all types of ballroom dancing and the Latin dances, and this year, they are celebrating a major milestone.

Cristell Reyes, founder and master dance instructor, sits down with WJBF to discuss her journey in the world of dance.

Welcome, Cristell, to WJBF Digital. Tell us about Fusion Ballroom of Augusta.

Fusion Ballroom has been established here in the CSRA for the last seven years. We opened our seven years ago to teach everybody how to dance and definitely “change their lives forever.” That’s our slogan. (Laughs)

What styles of dancing do you teach?

We teach all styles of ballroom dancing, Argentine tango, Swing, but we specialize big time in the Latin dances.

Not only do you teach dancing, but you are also a singing instructor as well. What type of singing classes to do teach?

I studied in Puerto Rico at the Conservatory of Music, and I also studied here at Augusta State University (now Augusta University) with the fantastic teacher, Dr. Linda Banister, somebody that I admire and respect very much so. Since I opened up the studio, I also have a voice division where I teach voice lessons. Obviously, I do specialize more in the opera and the classical music, but we also work on popular voices – people who sing popular music and musical theater as well.

So, if people what to specific class, what is your schedule like?

We are teaching everyday Monday through Friday. Normally, we start at 11 AM, and obviously, we finish late because we teach group classes around 7 and 8 P.M. So, we finish around 9 every day. The private lessons are different every week because they depend on everybody’s availabilities and schedules, and we do our best to accommodate all of our clients’ needs.

We know that you have different dance classes for different days of the week. Can you break that down for us?

So, right is the beginning of year, so everybody is trying to come back from the holidays. So, in January, we are offering group classes on Tuesdays for Latin dances. We are teaching our Salsa classes at 7 P.M. and Bachata at 8. Then, on Wednesdays, we have our Argentine Tango class, which by the way is my favorite dance. We also have a ladies’ theme, and that one is a dance theme for ladies. They are learning our choreography with one of our instructors, Angelina Thomas. This time, they are doing a Salsa routine, so we are very excited. We are about to add different dances; West Coast Swing is coming back in February. We are also going to have an Argentine Tango dance team as well. So, a couple of things we are going to keep adding in February when everyone comes back.

So, you also each month have a social. Please, tell us about that.

Yes, we do! So, we have a fantastic Latin night social at our studio where we teach a workshop at 8 P.M. So, if you never danced before, that’s your opportunity to learn especially for who I like to call “the babies” or beginners. And we give them a full class about Salsa and how they can survive the night – pretty much like a survival workshop – from 8 to 9. And then, at 9 P.M., we start our social from 9 to 12:30. We have a fantastic deejay, DJ Joel, who just started working with us every social. When we have big events like our big showcase in the summer, we always bring one of our local deejays, DJ Steven Serrano and DJ Rob, that work with us. They are very fantastic people.

January’s social is special for you. Can you tell us why?

This one is very special because it’s our 7th year anniversary. Fusion Ballroom’s anniversary is on January 11th, but since the beginning of the year, so I always celebrate with all my students and staff on the last Saturday on the month. Our socials are always on the last Saturday of the month. The only way we change the social dates if it’s a holiday or we have an event where we have to travel out of town.

Tell us where Fusion Ballroom of Augusta is located, and how they can contact you and find you on social media.

Fusion Ballroom of Augusta is located on Columbia Road. Our address is 4499 Columbia Road, Suite 6, Martinez, Georgia 30907. We are right behind Little Caesar’s and Anytime Fitness.

We are everywhere social media; I’m pretty good about posting daily. We have a page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

We also have a second location (Dance Dynasty) in Homosassa, Florida. So, if there are people that are interested in that area and want to take a lesson, I’m there on Fridays; my staff stays there the rest of the week.

If anyone is interested in contacting Fusion Ballroom with any questions, you can call (762) 383-3176, and this phone number is for both locations in the CSRA and Homosassa, Florida.