Fury’s Ferry Rd. to begin construction soon, neighbors have mixed feelings


A $50 million road widening project starts very soon in Columbia County.

Officials say they are going to widen the road from two lanes to four lanes to ease traffic congestion.

Robby Reynolds drives down the road every day. He says, “in the morning there is no traffic, but coming back home there’s bumper-to-bumper traffic.”

Reynolds says this traffic goes from Bridlewood all the way to Evans to Locks Road.

Bridlewood is a neighborhood that opens right up to the chaos.

NewsChannel 6 Reporter, Jenna Kelley, asked a Bridlewood homeowner, “so, does this frustrate you that there is so much traffic outside your neighborhood?”

Homeowner, Gary Peacock, responded, “it does at times, and not so much frustration, but fear, you know afraid of being in an accident. Try to go through a line of cars, somebody letting me out, but not being able to see somebody coming.”

The county says adding more lands will be a solution to less accidents, but this is something Peacock isn’t too sure it will solve.

“If it’s four lanes that will mean two lanes that I have to cross to get out instead of the one,” says Peacock. “So, less traffic in two lanes may actually be worse than all the traffic in the one lane. I don’t know. I don’t know how it’s going to pan out.”

The county says construction is coming soon, just after they acquire 60 more parcels of land.

They are hoping to get all of the parcels by the end of the year. Then, they will move to phase one, which is the utility relocation phase.

As for Reynolds, he says the end result will get him to work faster.

“Short term sacrifice, long term gain I guess it will be worth it,” says Reynolds.

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