NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The Special Olympics aren’t until 2022, but there’s an opportunity for you to support the event in the near future.

Area 15 Special Olympics is hosting a fundraiser for the event on September 11th at SRP Park. Proceeds for the event will help cover costs for athletes including transportation, food, uniforms, and more.

“Augusta GreenJackets allow fundraisers for groups in the area, so we are doing a group night for Area 15 athletes, friends, and volunteers. We will have a buffet. There will be an opportunity for our athletes and volunteers to run the bases. We will get a group shout out on the big board and fireworks to end the night,” said Brittney Jackson, co-director of Area 15 Special Olympics.

We sat down with two of the co-directors for Area 15 and asked them about what the Special Olympics are all about.

What is the Special Olympics?

“Special Olympics is an opportunity for children and adults 8 through 108 to participate in different activities that we offer, including basketball, swimming, bowling, equestrian riding, cheer leading; we’re going to be offering bocce,” said Jackson.

Do you think people would be surprised with the types of athletes we’ll see?

“Absolutely, there are some special Olympians that would knock your socks off as far as how they perform. I think sometimes they’re as good as anybody competing in any kind of sport. So, it is really amazing,” said Katherine Thompson, co-director of Area 15 Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics is an important event that gives athletes with special needs a chance to showcase their skills. That’s why the folks at the Tri-Development Center are hoping the community comes out to support the event.

“Well it gives our athletes confidence and happiness and they get to perform and they get to show off for their friends and family,” said Thompson.

“It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and you can ask just about anybody involved, once you start hanging out with our group, our population, you’ll be hooked. You’ll be looking for opportunities to get involved,” said Jackson.

For more information on the fundraising event, CLICK HERE.