AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s the end of an era for a CSRA business many people depend on when it’s time to hit the road or drive around town. Smith’s Chevron, located on the corner of Wheeler Road and Walton Way Extension in Augusta, is the only place in town where you can pull up, gas up and have your fluids checked and never get out of the car. And on Wednesday, it closes for good.

It’s a sign of the times. Smith’s Chevron is retiring from getting a nail out of your car tire to everything else.

“Checking the fluids, tire pressure, cleaning the windows and filling the gas,” General Manager Tim Taylor told NewsChannel 6 about the company’s full service.

The trusted station has been servicing the CSRA and beyond since 1986. Taylor started there in 1988 and worked his way through college. The best part, he said, is the customer interaction.

He also said generations of fathers and sons have worked at the station too, which also includes Auto Service.

“I’ll say the most challenging part probably just when it’s slow. When there is not people here,” said Trey Joseph, a 16-year-old employee at Smith’s Chevron.

DeRee Smith is one of many customers who appreciate the workers coming to your car to aid you. Smith said, “Check your oil, check all these things about your car and have Chevron gas.”

Reggie Lane, another customer, comes often. He told us, “It’s very valuable. I’ve been knowing the guys that work here for a long time. We’re just like family.”

And just like you do when loved ones depart, beautiful flowers and a note of thanks fill the shop along with many desserts while work continues to keep people safe on the road. While that comes easy, Taylor said the current business model is hard to keep people employed, so it’s time to retire. His only challenge in 35 years was having a shortage of fuel during hurricane Katrina.

“Smitty was a friend of my dad’s. He even sold one of my dad’s trucks here on the corner before my dad passed away,” said Kevin De L’aigle, a customer.

“The corner we’ve rented to people to put their cars out there and always given the money to the First Baptist Church youth department,” Taylor explained.

“I can’t even put a price on the value of this,” customer Jack Goldenberg said. “The customer service has always been fantastic.”

Taylor told us on Wednesday, operations will end. They will work until they run out of gas. Until then, they are there.