AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- At Augusta University, students are eager to move in for their fall semester– some of them, for the first time ever.

“It’s a different aspect when you have to cook for yourself and you have to live on your own so I’m actually excited for it and I have a cool roommate so, he should help out with most of it,” Freshman Bio Major Dylan Sukhdeo said.

For parents, college move in means the journey to their young adult’s college career begins.

“You have this ability to make this connection with your child who is growing into a full adult and be able to be successful. And so, we want to make sure that students and parents have that sense of relief that this isn’t just you dropping your kid off, but building them up to be the next leader of this generation,” SGA President and Elm Hall Resident Assistant D. Mallory said.

But for first-time students like Dylan Sukhdeo, move in day is about so much more.

“My major is biology– I’m doing pre dentistry. I’m really, really interested in the dental field, I’ve worked in a lot of dental offices. So, it’s just a real passion for it that I have that I want to pursue here, establish some connections, give myself a lot of opportunities to grow and accomplish better things,” Sukhdeo said. 

 His roommate– soon to become his family away from family is also ready for what’s ahead. 

“I like very chill people, you know, Dylan’s super awesome man. He loves video games; I love videogames too. That kinda thing important, so I know that we will get along very well ‘cause we enjoy a lot of the same stuff,” freshman Computer Sciences Major Myles Davis said.

And outside of a classroom, school leaders want students to know that within the perimeters of Elm Hall, they’ll never be too far from home.

“Currently, right now, we’re doing Leap Week. Leap Week is like this three-to-four-week program when the first years move in, it’s geared towards the freshman to get them acclimated to our campus. So that’ll teach them where all the buildings are, where all the classes would be. It teaches them how to socialize and gets them in social settings so that they can socialize,” Mallory said. 

While freshman at AU might be all moved in, upperclassmen move in will take place next week.