AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Some people in Richmond County have been worried about road safety in their own neighborhoods.

Four pedestrian deaths in the last week have some in South Augusta residents concerned.

“I Think they need to put more sidewalks and some more caution lights right here, especially right here,” Corner Stone Barber Travis Howard said.

Travis Howard works on Richmond Hill Rd. and Sconyers. Those who live here believe something needs to happen from the top of the street and beyond the curb.

“This curb is real deep going down in there so its more blindsides coming from Sconyers. So, I believe that it should be like a speed bump and another caution light right here.”

This area is just one area that has been the sight of a pedestrian death. Some others include Lumpkin Rd. and Fleming Dr.

People WJBF spoke with, who didn’t want to go on camera, say pedestrians should also be mindful of J-Walking and wearing brighter colors.

But Howard says the traffic in that area worsens depending on the time of week. “During the weekend, ‘cause we got Sconyers right here and we got the barbershop down there. So, we got a lot of customers down here in and out every day all day…”

Neighbors who live in these areas told me they hope for city and law enforcement involvement.

“I think that they should put more sidewalks here so that pedestrians can walk on the sidewalks instead of close to the street,” Howard said. 

Several people we spoke with with say they hope safety adjustments can be made to the areas sooner, rather than later, before another life is accounted for.