Foster children are without homes due to the lack of foster homes in the CSRA


There are hundreds of kids without a home in Georgia.

Members of an organization for foster children told us, several kids are coming in but are not going out. 

Now they need help finding these kids a home.

“We do not have enough homes to place those kids,” explained Georgia Mentor’s program supervisor, Valorie Avery. “So a lot of the times we have to say no to the referrals because we don’t have the homes to place the kids.”

Volunteers from Georgia Mentor wants help from people in the CSRA.

The organization places children in homes when their living situation isn’t a good one.

But, the group is having trouble sending the kids they take-in to a family.

Avery says one of the reasons why is the myths about fostering a child.

“Think about if that was one of your family members, or even a mishap happened to you,” said Avery. “Where you had to be placed in foster care as a child.”

The program supervisor told NewsChannel 6, Augusta lacks foster homes.

She says there is not much awareness when it comes to fostering a child. Something one foster parent says is right.   

“I think that’s the first thing, which people need to become more aware of that there is a need for foster homes,” explained Nathaniel Evans. “From what I understand working with Georgia mentor, there’s a huge need.”

Evans has been a foster parent for two and a half years now.

He’s fostered about six kids so far. Evans told us the kids he has taken had made a major impact on his life.

“I feel like they are my kids,” said Evans. “I get attached to them, and I miss them when they’re gone. I also spoil them when they are here.”

Both Avery and Evans encourage more people to open their homes for kids in need, even if it is for a little while.

“At some point, every kid needs to be loved, and know there is somewhere safe,” said Evans. “My foster son that I have now told me; I couldn’t imagine being anyplace else, I like being here with you.”  

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