FORT GORDON, Ga (WJBF) – “so I’ve away wanted a live tree I have two little ones a six year old and a seven year old so I think I’ll be something nice for them to get to see when they walk in the house, smell the pine” said Javon Jones, Fort Gordon US Air Force.

Walking away with a free Christmas tree, big or small, soldiers at Fort Gordon got the opportunity to experience the magic of Christmas… a few weeks early!

Organizers say giving the free trees to the troops is special because so many of them are far from home over the holidays.   

“it helps you appreciate so much what you have and the love you have with your  family so if you are starting traditions with your friends who become your family that’s a beautiful thing” said Nomi Stanton.

 Families enjoyed all kinds of festive activities for the kids.

“We always have a concert of some sort we’ve got kids that are singing we’ve got snow which is pretty cool because you don’t really get to see snow here in Augusta” said Stanton.

Jones says he’s very grateful to be a part of something special at Fort Gordon.

“A lot of people don’t get this opportunity so for them to give out free trees to the troops I think it’s amazing”  said Jones.

When it’s their first Christmas away from home they’re learning they’re someone’s hero that’s’ a pretty powerful thing for a young person to experience so here at Fort Gordon we want to instill family, that’s what we are “ said Nomi Stanton.