HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) – Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown, Bruce “Sugar Bear” Capers and Matthew “Showbiz” Jackson came to Spirit Creek Middle School to give a presentation on different topics.

“This is my first year and we’ve not had any activities like that, so to be a part of that, the kids were very excited,” said Kimberly Rouse, the principal at Spirit Creek Middle School.

The topics they covered were saying no to drugs and alcohol, the importance of education, anti-bullying and conflict resolution.

“Our children are met with a lot of challenges, there’s a lot of peer pressure, a lot of things they try to combat, they’re young they’re impressionable,” said Karen Rivers, the parent facilitator at Spirit Creek. “So what we try to do is try to combat those things right now, so they can learn those positive character skills they can take with them throughout their lifetime.”

They then brought students onto the court to teach them some tricks and review what they learned.

“I think that was a fun little event that we had,” said Jayla Gilmore a student.

“It caught our eye a lot because we’re not just sitting there and listening to somebody talk, we’re actually doing stuff,” said Anaeyah Rogers, another student.

Community outreach is a big part of the former players lives, especially with the younger generations.

“Being a former Harlem Globetrotter, it’s just part of the responsibility that we have to be goodwill ambassadors,” said Bruce “Sugar Bear” Capers.

“Success is right there at their fingertips, all they got to do is stay the course,” said Matthew “Showbiz” Jackson.

“God gave all of us two ends. One to think with, and one to sit on. The amount of success that each and every one of us achieves in life depends on which end you use the most,” said Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown. “And it’s just the mere decision of heads you win, and tails you lose.”

They look forward to giving more presentations in the future, and Spirit Creek staff said they have more projects in the works.