JOHNSON COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) — Friday night football is something most look forward to, but after a shooting at one local football game, students and fans are a little uneasy.

A shooting outside Johnson County High School’s Lovett Stadium this month has administrators adding more safety measures for football fans.

Johnson County High School student Curmya Blair says she isn’t exactly sure how to feel. 

“Kind of, but not really because you don’t ever know. People can bring anything into games.”

But now, administrators hope students like Blair don’t have to worry. 

“Metal detectors will be at the reopening at the stadium, we have a single entry point that we are going to have so everyone is going to come in the same way,” Johnson County School District Superintendent Christopher Watkins said.

Law enforcement is always present as well as the school resource officer, which helped lead to the suspect’s quick capture.

“Our initial reaction is to make sure that our students and fans were safe and that the intruder could not get a chance to get inside of the stadium, and that we secured the stadium as quickly as we could,” Watkins said.

Student turnout for Johnson County football games is always big.

“Everybody just gets together, you know, everybody’s just showing love,” JOCO High School student Walker Johnson said.

Despite the incident, students are hopeful the changes will help create a safer school activity environment.

“I think it’ll help, because you know, obviously it won’t get no weapons in the school, I mean in the field and all, you know. Hopefully nobody gets hurt,” Johnson said.

Superintendent Watkins encourages that parents go with students to attend the games.