MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – After setbacks due to COVID-19 and two years of construction, Enopion Theatre Company in Columbia County will soon have a new home on Flowing Wells Road.

“It feels like a dream right now,” said Carol Rezzelle, the director of Enopion.

The new building will have 160 seats, whereas the old one only has 56.

“We found this piece of land, it’s been five years that we found it and we developed it during the pandemic – doing outdoor theatre when we couldn’t come inside,” Rezzelle said. “And so finally, two years ago we started construction on the Flowing Wells Theatre.”

Over the years, many donations and supporters have helped make it happen.

“We started a fundraising campaign where they bought a brick for a hundred dollars and they had their name engraved on it, and they just actually installed that a couple weeks ago,” she said. “So, as you walk down it, you see all of the people that have contributed to the brick fundraiser with their names on the walkway.”

There is one main show they’re hoping to run from the end of November through early December in the new building. 

“We’re wanting to do our grand opening, open house through Christmas and just have the public come in and see it,” Rezzelle said. “But, we’re not going to do any kind of Enopion production during that time. Our next year is already planned, so we kind of have that season all ready for next year.”

Enopion is a Greek word that means in the presence of, and Rezzelle hopes the new theatre will put more people in the presence of God.

“I’m not a person that can stand on the street corner or I can go up to you and say ‘let me tell you about Jesus,’” she said. “This is how I do it – using theatre, writing the shows, and that’s how we spread the gospel message.”

Rezzelle said construction should be complete within the next few weeks, and they hope to have their first production in November.

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