Fleming Park finally gets money for repairs


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The memorial for Melquan Robinson remains at Fleming Park, in place for more than a year.

Commissioners voted in February to make repairs. To date, that still hasn’t been done.

“Yes it should have been done sooner, because these children have been playing over here forever. It took not just a child dying on that fence, there were other children electrocuted on that fence. So I don’t know what the problem was,” said Simona Elston who grew up near the park.

Commissioners know there is a problem at Fleming, approving a re-lighting and re-wiring seven months ago, but did not identify the funding. But now commissioners have approved one million dollars in sales tax money to go to repairs at Fleming, and to make this work a priority.

“Making this a priority means go ahead and get started on the situation right now. We’ve had a lot of preliminary work done and now is to get the hands on the job and start the repairs,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Right away, you shouldn’t have to take so long to wait for another incident,” said Elston.

City officials say using the one million dollars will focus on the safety issues and concerns at the ball field, but what if if one million dollars isn’t enough to cover the costs of the work

“It’s a good start and once if that gets to the point that it runs out then we’ll find some money from somewhere else because there still more money for taking care of the facilities and that is our top priority,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

It’s taken months but when it comes to repairs at Fleming park the city is moving off first base in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

Along with the one million dollars for Fleming, Commissioners approved two million for the Aquatics Center, and six million dollars for the Brigham Center.

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