First Look: Hull McKnight Cyber Center opens door for the first time


The countdown to the opening of the Hull McKnight Cyber Center is on. Representatives from Georgia Technology Authority gave an inside peek at what the auditorium of the cyber center will look like.

The classroom is expected to seat more than 340 people. Director of Augusta University Cyber Institute, Joanne Sexton says AU will be able to extend new resources to students in the new building.

“This facility gives us the huge opportunity to extend what we were able to do,” said Sexton.

AU Cyber Institute won’t be the only college in the new $100 million building. They will be sharing it with Augusta Technical college.

“Well, we plan to bring our entire associates degree of cybersecurity downtown for the training,” explained the I.T. Dean at Augusta Tech, Tammy O’Brien. “That will allow the students even more opportunity to not only receive training here but to interact with numerous opportunities they may not had before.”

Georgia Technology Authority Executive Director Calvin Rhodes says the collaboration of both colleges in one building will allow students to resources they can participate with physically and virtually.

“The fact we have the university system paired up with the technical college system, that not a normal partnership we see across the state,” said Rhodes.”This facility helps bring those different amenities together.”

The auditorium will have a big screen, four monitors for the people in the back and wireless usage for students to project from their laptop to the big screen.

The first phase of the cyber center is set to open July 10th. Georgia Technology Authority representatives say they plan to have another tour of the cyber center when it opens.

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