Firefighters in Wagener lay down their uniforms in front of Town Hall


WAGENER, S.C. (WJBF) – We are learning more about alleged funding and equipment issues through a source who recorded the Wagener Town Council’s executive session during their emergency meeting on November 12.

During the executive session Mayor Mike Miller said, “The money that comes into the fire department from Aiken County is town money. It belongs to the town and we can use it as we see fit.”  

Right after the executive session, firefighters and officers were suspended until further notice.

“They didn’t give us a reason in writing or in paper. They had a couple of reasons. I don’t know if they were legitimate or not,” said former firefighter Logan Musser.

George Day who was terminated November 16 said, “This is our passion and this is what we do. We going to do it for the people this is not for us. We’re don’t get paid. We don’t look for money we look for a good outcome for the people.”

But, according to the Mayor Miller there were some smoldering issues about money that need to be extinguished. 

In the recording from the November 12 executive session, Mayor Miller said, “There was a significant breach in security with two of the Town of Wagener bank accounts. Because this constitutes a potential breach of trust and other legal issues, we will initiate an investigation within and have to procure the assistance of other agencies. Both of these accounts for the Wagener Fire Department have been inactivated.”

Day said getting adequate life-saving equipment has been a challenge, “I don’t know if they’ll get what they need or not. We got A-D batteries that need to be replaced that’s very vital for firefighters and the public. Ordered a new hose which we needed on the truck. Ordered it but I don’t know if it came in yet.”

“It seems like a goal to make the citizens believe that we’re taking your money and you can’t operate. We don’t make changes in bank accounts without the knowledge of those responsible. I don’t do anything with our bank accounts,” said Mayor Miller.

The Wagener Town Council will meet again on December 7 at 6:30 p.m.

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