Firearms not fireworks prompt NYE complaints in Harrisburg


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Complaints about noise on New Year’s Eve are not uncommon, however down in Harrisburg, the complaints were not about fireworks, rather firearms.

Harrisburg was quiet today, but that wasn’t the case on New Year’s Eve.

“I’ve lived here twenty years and I’ve never in my life, have been around anything like this,” said longtime resident Lori Davis.

Lori Davis and family have come to enjoy the fireworks on New Year’s Eve but this year what was going on prompted calls to 9-1-1 and city leaders.

The fireworks are tremendous here, people come to see the fireworks we enjoy them every year but this year it was just as much gunfire as there were fireworks and not just handguns, but shotgun blasts over and over and over,” said Davis.

Neighborhood Association president Phillip Williams is a firearms trainer, and he heard it too.

“Celebratory gunfire like we have never heard before obviously a lot of people had had stocked up on ammunition and decided to discharge it haven’t heard anybody or anything being hurt by it it’s a dangerous sort of thing,” said Williams.

Commissioner John Clarke says he got calls from Harrisburg residents about the shooting and because of the potential danger, contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

“Fireworks fizzle out before they hit the ground most of the time bullets don’t so it’s just a bad situation,” said Clarke.

“It just seemed way more dangerous this year you definitely didn’t want to be out in your yard period,” said Davis.

“The people who are doing this don’t appreciate fact how much they’re endangering other people, think it’s a matter of education,” said Williams.

Now Williams says on the next fireworks celebration day the people in Harrisburg will be more inclined to light a fuse rather than pull a trigger.

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