AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Firefighters do more than put out fires. They take a series of medical courses to make sure they’re prepared for any situation that arises.

“We’ve got different levels. We’ve got intermediate, advanced, and paramedic. It takes several months to complete this training,” said Sergeant Mike Appleby.

“It shows us CPR, how to handle basic wounds and injuries, and things like that, and then from there we can get up to paramedic level of care, where we can give different types of cardiac drugs and cardiovert patients,” said Lieutenant Jeremy Matthai.

Having this type of training is important for firefighters to have.

“Most of our calls at the fire department now tend to be emergency medical calls, as opposed to fire and at this particular house, you get all kinds. So, we’re fortunate in that aspect of being able to use our training everyday,” said Appleby.

Recently some firefighters from Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department Engine Company 6 used their training to save a woman’s life after she was brought to their front door.

“We were sitting in the living room and we heard someone knock on the door and they screamed for help and so we came outside to see what was going on and we saw a lady come up. She had a towel around her chest and she had a lot of blood on the towel. We had her sit down on the back of the fire engine and we took a look at what was bleeding and she had a few wounds; one on her side, one on her chest, and one on her chin,” said firefighter Johnathan Gore.

The woman had suffered a gunshot wound and was brought to the fire station for assistance. The firefighters on hand put their training to work.

“We start treating from the worst part of it, to the least part of it, so we had to manage the bleeding, put inclusive dressing on the wound, and get her ready for Gold Cross,” said Appleby.

The woman was was later transported to Augusta University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, but it’s safe to say if not for the firefighters medical training, it may have been a different story. The folks at Engine Company 6 hope the woman has a fast recovery.

“We wish her a speedy recovery and we hope she’s doing well,” said Matthai.